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Distraction-Free Messaging for Doctors

Get Your Time Back With Distraction-Free Messaging for Doctors

Our patented Distraction-Free Messaging System for doctors is revolutionizing medical communications. ListenMD gives doctors the power to control their time, reduce interruptions, and put patient care first. Senders and recipients together ensure delivery of the right message at the right time. Physicians control when they want to receive messages. Tuning out distractions allows doctors to focus on the task at hand.

Distraction-free messaging creates a better human connection by bringing all the patient’s physicians together to coordinate care. ListenMD breaks down the walls between doctors across practices, hospitals, and specialty clinics.

What is distraction-free messaging?


Doctor Collaboration without the Red Tape

Communicate Easily with Other Doctors

ListenMD allows doctors locked into their organization’s EHR, EMR and Medical Text platforms to share vital information across barriers. Any doctor can instantly load the app and connect without worrying about exposing their phone number or getting excessive alerts. No longer will crucial test results and imaging sit in data silos unable to be shared. Patients can create their own “Caregivers List” to encourage all of their physicians to collaborate. That creates fantastic opportunities to coordinate patient care using Distraction-Free Messaging. Physicians can connect to each other but only when they choose to be available. We also include a full teleconference/telemedicine engine for you to securely confer with your peers and safely with your patients.

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Custom Graphical Trending System

Dynamically Visualize & Chart Data

Our Graphical trending system is a new way to track patient care and progress.

Our easy-to-use system creates customizable, curated graphs to follow symptoms, signs, labs, radiologic findings among teams. The spider graph shows how data change over time allowing doctors to quantitatively visualize multiple factors to make decisions. The data entered is easily converted into template-based notes for the medical record.

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One-Touch Telemedicine & Video Chat

Connect with Patients on Your Own Schedule

ListenMD allows doctors to customize patient alerts to go to office staff, doctor, or both based on priority, respecting patient’s needs as well as doctor’s privacy. By controlling their time, each patient gets the prompt and undivided attention they deserve. ListenMD also adds a rich Telemedicine tool providing doctors with a safe, convenient way to check in with patients after procedures, diagnose minor symptoms and maintain safe isolation when needed.

Get Your Time Back


Patient Self-Assessments

Patients Maintain & Send Graphical Data to You

Patients Load the ‘ListenMD’ app and are invited to enter data in custom self-assessments created by their doctors.

The patient can visualize their symptoms in a graphical manner and share that information with the doctor when requested.

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Distraction-Free Messaging is the perfact solutions for busy doctors

Simplify your Communications & save & time

  • Distraction-free Communication

    Doctors can choose the times they want to get non-urgent messages.They can chose when they are busy. Learn More
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant

    All PHI is kept encrypted in HIPAA and HTECH compliant servers Learn More
  • Simple Universal App

    The basic version of ListenMD is a simple messaging app that allows a doctor Learn More
  • Patient-Centric

    All communication about a patient within and outside the practice is connected to a patient card. Learn More
  • Collaborative With Doctors

    Messages are 1-1 but all physicians in the team can see the message to maintain continuity during handoffs. Learn More
  • Advanced Messaging
    (Video, Photo & Voice)

    Send attachments such as photos, videos, voice memos Learn More
  • Hospital Charge Capture

    Upload and maintain hospital rounding lists Learn More
  • Telemedicine

    Send a text link to start instant video and create billable note Learn More

    Instant video conference with patient and family keeps everyone safe Learn More
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