App Features

distraction choices

Distraction-Free Creates More Time for Doctors

Patented Distraction-Free Communications

  • Control your time and control your practice.
  • Eliminate ‘Attention Fragmentation’ – the valuable time it takes to return to the goal-oriented task you were working on when someonesaid,“I just need a minute!”
  • You set the times you are willing to receive non-urgent messages and set up priority filters when you are busy.
  • Sender can see the receiving doctor’s preferences and agree to delay the message time based on message importance.
  • Doctor gets less frequent alerts and distraction is minimized
  • Never get interrupted by an unnecessary message again. Yet, always be able to pull any message from the queue when necessary.
  • Take back your time and focus on a patient-centric practice with efficient billing throughput.



Completely Secure. Completely Safe.

Completely HIPAA Compliant

  • All PHI is kept encrypted in HIPAA and HTECH compliant servers.
  • No data is stored on your phone.
  • Text messaging is not secure and can place the clinician or hospital at risk for fines related to non-compliance with HIPAA regulations

Easy to Use Universal App

One App to Control
All Communications

The basic version of ListenMD is a simple messaging app that allows a doctor to search for and connect with any other doctor across organizations and Electronic Health Record systems. Since your cell phone number is NOT shared and distraction settings can be set to “minimal”, you can allow doctors from outside your network to connect without the risk of unwanted distractions or compromising your confidential phone number. Office doctors, hospital doctors, primary doctors, specialists can all use app.


Dr List

Coordinate Patient Care

Collaborate Easily With Other Doctors

  • Messages are 1-1 but all physicians in the team can see the message to maintain continuity during handoffs.
  • Shared clipboard with notes, tasks, and reminder alarms allows doctors and PA’s to work together
  • Separate office staff app for internal communication and clipboards shared with office staff
  • Rich teleconferencing builtin. Confer with your peers instantly and in compliance.
  • Break down barriers across systems – ListenMD’s patented engine bridges all popular EHR, EMR and medical Texting platforms opening up new worlds of providing thorough, collaborative care.


send ct

Advanced Messaging

Videos, Photos & Voice Messaging

  • Send attachments such as photos, videos, voice memos
  • Lightning messages – send customized pre-populated messages and templates you create
  • Customize message lifespan. Messages among providers are temporary unless integration with EHR is requested



Easy-to-Use to Integrate Into Busy Schedules

Telemedicine with Ease

  • REDUCE COVID-19 spread
  • Consents are recorded as doctors add, connect, accept, or match to patients
  • Provide your patients with HIPAA compliant Telemedicine (better than patients talking to new doctors)
  • After this epidemic Telemedicine is here to stay.
  • Inter-professional internet consultation between providers can be done.
  • Instantly create a billable note to fax or to save for electronic health record.



Rounds are Easier to Coordinate & Track

Hospital Charge Capture

  • Upload and maintain hospital rounding lists
  • Doctors and PA’s can keep track of who has been seen
  • Maintain ICD10 and CPT codes to send to biller


clipboard list

Organize All Patient Communications

Patient-Centric Features that Protect Doctor’s Time

  • All messages related to a patient are organized as internal messaging within the practice and external messaging with the patient’s authorized caregivers. This gives you instant access to correspondence with the patient and between you and your peers all in one view.
  • Keep notes, alarms, reminders, photos, videos, voice memos on each patient and send them to other doctors easily
  • Call patients with masked caller ID to reflect your practice phone number
  • Upload all your patient names and phone numbers in bulk
  • If desired, invite patients to load the patient app to give appointments, text with patients and do telemedicine free from portals and passwords. Fast, safe and secure
  • Stop the digging and hunting for messages between other practitioners about a single patient



Communicate Remotely

Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

The COVID-19 Crisis has placed unprecedented strains on the medical system. Practices have had to change how they interact with patients. Patients have delayed visits to their doctors. Timely, quality care, patient-centric care was compromised.

In the face of these challenges, ListenMD is the right solution at the right time. From multi-practice remote collaboration tools to full-featured telemedicine, we deliver the tools doctors and patients need now to deliver excellent care efficiently and safely and quickly. Download ListenMD today and put your practice back on track.



Curated Data Entry at Bedside

Enter & Graph Information That Matters to You

Create your own custom ‘Snapshots’ – to enter data you and your team members need to visualize to follow patient progress and to make decisions. Create Questionnaires and Scoring systems to track depression or follow NIH stroke scores. Follow Labs like CD4 count, or radiologic information like size of lung nodule. Monitor Post-operative care like wound size or drainage from tubes. Treat new diseases better by following response of oxygen saturation and inflammatory markers to steroids in COVID-19. In ICU, decide if a patient meets criteria to extubate from a ventilator.



Multi-Symptom & Multi-Factor Dynamic Visualization

Move Slider to Observe Progress

As doctors work in shifts or in teams, the when, why, how, and what regarding a particular aspect of patient care is hard to parse from the medical record. Observe multiple factors regarding a particular aspect of patient care in a ‘Snapshot’ or as traditional line graphs to see what factor got better or worse and by how much compared to the previous visit. Use the slider to see how these factors changed over time to quickly understand the situation and improve decision making.

Patients are also able to maintain information such as symptoms, pain scores, blood sugars, blood pressure, sleep and post-operative progress based on questions designed by you. They can see their own data in a unique moving snapshot graph and are able to share this with your office when asked. This data can be reviewed and used create a template note for the medical record.



Medical Record Notes at the Touch of a Button

Create Template Notes

You can create custom template notes for each of your snapshots. Then, the minimal time spent at bedside to enter information in the app as you observe, visualize, and analyze your patient’s condition is not wasted. Just press a button and a note incorporating the past and present information can be saved for the medical record to saving time and improve documentation.



Custom Patient Self-Assessments

Patients Maintain & Share Data

Involve patients in maintaining accurate information regarding their symptoms, signs and labs. The patient gets reminder to answer simple set of questions on their app.

You only see the data when your office requests patient to allow access, so patient knows that doctor is not connected all the time.


The perfect solution for busy doctors & Medical Teams

ListenMD can do all of This!

  • Created by a Doctor for Doctors

    ListenMD was developed by Dr. Sandeep Jain to solve communication issues that doctors face every single day. Learn More
  • Priority Messaging

    Sender chooses priority bases on recipient’s schedule who always gets message at the right time Learn More
  • Manage Message Lifespan

    Messages and clipboard records automatically delete after a set time customized by the user. ListenMD is a communication and efficiency too, not an EHR. Learn More
  • Patient Information Cards

    A patient card is automatically created by uploading an excel list from the billing database and allows doctor to have every patient in his pocket. Learn More
  • Clipboard for Notes, Tasks,& Reminders

    Every patient card allows for notes, pdf’s photos, videos, voice memos to be kept and automatically shared with all team members – ‘The perfect Handoff’ Learn More
  • Share messages photos, videos and pdf’s

    Communicate using multimedia within and outside practices in a HIPAA compliant manner Learn More
  • Communicate with Patients,Doctors & Families

    Patients can only send alerts if and when you allow. But you can text, phone and video chat at your convenience. Learn More
  • Message Archiving

    Casual messages among doctors are deleted based on user preferences but communication with patients is saved and can be archived. Learn More
  • Delayed Messaging

    Doctor can set custom delays when busy in surgery or in clinic and senders can know when their message will be read Learn More
  • Mask Caller ID on Phone Calls

    Call patient from your cell phone and your office caller ID will show Learn More
  • Secure Attachments

    Send PDF’s, voice memos, photos videos securely. Avoid email and text. Learn More
  • Set Appointments

    Set office or video appointments and synchronize with electronic health record later. Upload appointment file from EHR to ListenMD so patients who have the app get timely reminders. Learn More