Created by a doctor for doctors

Doctors in USA are subject to information overload when they try to read though unnecessary details in the EHR and when they try to comply with the electronic documentation requirements that funnel every little thing through the doctor. This cognitive overload can overwhelm our processing and decision-making capacity.
This app presents essential medical Information in a simple, relevant and clear way that allows us to easily share and act on the information.

Priority messaging

Urgent messages and optional emergency patient alerts are highlighted.

Message lifespan

Customizable deletion settings.

Patient cards – All patients at your fingertips

Have a digital index card with the patient’s phone numbers, allergies, and diagnostic summary that you can share with your consultant. Cards with demographics are created by uploading patient list from the billing or EHR software. All you need to do is to voice in few lines about the diagnosis in your medical language. Wading through review of symptoms or ICD diagnosis is NOT medicine.

Clipboard with notes, tasks and reminder alarms

Voice transcribe temporary notes or tasks and share them with office staff or other doctors in your group. Take photos and use to create reminders for yourself and for your staff.

Doctor Cards

View doctors and mark favorites. Easily add consultants to your patient card to begin a secure messaging page with that practice on that patient’s card. Know who are the consultants, when your patient saw or will see them, and collaborate with them.

Text with patients (optional)

Practices can ask patients to load the app and alert office staff to request HIPAA compliant secure text communication.

Message archiving

Option to record and paste messaging into the EHR makes the next office visit documentation easier.

For doctors and office staff

All can load in a secure manner and use on iPhone or iPad (Android soon). Some functions are accessed via secure web log in.


HIPAA compliant. No data is stored on your phone and all data is kept encrypted in HIPAA and HTECH compliant servers.

Delayed messaging

Message colleagues on any of your patients without hesitation because you can delay the delivery. We are constantly bombarded with important texts mixed in with unimportant ones that disrupt our focus. The ability to delay less important messages will reduce fragmentation of attention and release our cognitive resources for patient care.

Masked Caller ID phone calls

Your office phone number will show as the caller ID when you call patients. Patients and family members appreciate the call and this app lowers the bar to call. Set reminders for yourself and your staff to call your patients and then document the conversation in app to copy and paste into the EHR at next visit.

Secure attachments

Send photos and PDF’s to referring physicians from your phone. Office staff can attach PDF of records from secure web log in. You can keep them as a temporary reminder in your clipboard and forward to consultants at any time.


Easily give appointments to patients and let your office staff reconcile with scheduling software later. Patients can get appointment reminders and message us when they cannot keep the appointment.

Hospital Rounding list

Create a sharable hospital zone and room number based list on phone or on web to make rounds easier. Each name connects to the patient card with the notes and tasks allowing instant sign-outs.