ListenMD Helps Patients


Connect, Communicate, Coordinate

Power for the Patient in the Palm of Your Hand

Imagine a way to have a conversation with all your doctors at once instead of repeating your story over and over. Imagine a way for tests and images to move swiftly from one caregiver to another. Imagine holding a solution for fast, secure telemedicine right in the palm of your hand. Imagine no more. ListenMD is a patient-centric solution built around YOUR needs and designed to get you the most effective care possible.



Your Care - Your Way

See YOUR Physician Quickly and Safely

Many insurance companies today offer a telemedicine service. But these use third party providers far away who don’t know you or your medical history. ListenMD wants you to get help from your own doctor quickly. So we’ve included a complete telemedicine module right into our application. Now, you can consult with your own doctor safely from your own home and without the weeks of waiting.



Medical Care Centered Around You

The Features Most
Requested by Patients

  • Message the doctor’s office staff via the app
  • Send emergency alerts to your Doctors
  • Keep separate notes for each doctor
  • Appointment reminders and alarms for all doctors in one convenient location
  • Control privacy settings for each doctor. Sometimes you don’t want to share some information with all your doctors
  • Video chat with your OWN doctors not a third party telemedicine service who doesn’t know you
  • Keep photos and PDF’s of medical records to share with doctors quickly and easily



Safe and Portable

One App For Your Health

What if there was a way to control all your communications with you doctors from your cell phone? You can! ListenMD allows you to keep a portable record of all your current and past doctors, record doctor appointments dates and get reminders so you never miss an important appointment again. You can also keep notes in ListenMD about what a doctor has said and what to discuss with your doctor on the next visit. Your doctors can use ListenMD to have a secure chat or video telemedicine call with you at the push of a button. You can even use ListenMD to instantly alert doctors if you have an emergency.



Coordination is Key

Connect Your Doctors With Each Other

What if all your doctors could coordinate your care no matter where their practice is? Using ListenMD makes it easy for your doctors to collaborate on care care. This helps maximize your car quality and reduce errors. LIstenMD lets you put all your doctors and appointments in the app and ensure they’re always with you. Your doctors can know who the other doctors are providing your care or you can choose to “hide” some doctors for your privacy. Now, your doctors can collaborate on your health, communicating securely without distracting each other. You and your doctors can share health records and test results with each other in a timely manner. Better coordination equals better care!