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ListenMD is the first, patented Distraction-Free messaging system for doctors. It brings together secure doctor to doctor collaboration, medical image sharing, and powerful message management to make sure the doctor can focus on delivering care while receiving vital communications on time. It empowers the patient with clear communications across all primary and specialist doctors, scheduling management and full-featured, secure telemedicine. All in the palm of your hand.

Healthcare spending is over $3.5 Trillion in the United States representing more than 18% of the economy. As the premiere patented communications bridge between all major Electronic Health Record and Medical Messaging services, ListenMD is poised for unlimited penetration in the sector. Designed by doctors for doctors, we speak the language of the industry and have our finger on the pulse of its needs.

The Medical Messaging Market is completely fragmented. After years of smaller practices being consolidated into larger groups and those groups in turn implementing enterprise EHR, large silos of medical data were created. Protecting their kingdoms, these EHR giants cannot easily or effectively share information. The doctor loses on collaboration. The patient loses on timely care. The ListenMD patented technology is the bridge between these silos serving as a “universal app”. Our API/SDK allows ListenMD to be the low footprint “keeper of the preferences” and empower competing EHR systems to connect with each other.

Revenue is generated through the licensing of ListenMD’s API/SDK to medical practice groups, hospitals, and electronic medical records platforms. Licensing can be contracted on a monthly or annual basis.

ListenMD is set to revolutionize Health Care Messaging and become the universal way for doctors to manage their time.

Your opportunity to join the revolution is now!

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