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Integrate ListenMD’s patented, distraction-free messaging into your EHR.

Distraction free messaging is vital to doctors improving efficiency. ListenMD allows doctors to handle a larger number of messages with less distraction. More efficiency and throughput equals more billing.

Doctors already use messaging apps provided by their hospitals or electronic health records systems. ListenMD can improve all health messaging by connecting doctors across all messaging platforms through the patented ListenMD Distraction-free API.

Patented Distraction-Free API

Messaging platforms can use the ListenMD API to have doctors save their distraction preferences on the ListenMD platform after verifying their NPI.

The actual message and patient health information stays safely stored with the messaging vendor – ListenMD simply notifies the messaging vendor when the message should be delivered or extracted by the recipient.

Messaging vendors can use the ListenMD API to provide their doctors with distraction-free messaging on their own platforms BUT also have their doctors connect and message other doctors on competing platforms using the ListenMD API. Empowering collaboration leads to great medicine!

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