Our vision

ListenMD is an intelligent patient centered universal health care communication platform designed for doctors, doctor’s office staff and for patients. It will save the doctor’s time while improving care at reduced cost.

The HIPAA compliant messaging app intelligently delays the message as per sender’s request to enable efficient but less intrusive communication among doctors.

Being easy to load and use, it is meant for universal use among a patient’s doctors, nurses, therapists, nutritionists and other caregivers. The patient can load the app to control access and see all their doctors’ appointments, as well as to send emergency alerts to their doctors and non-emergency alerts to their doctors’ offices. Caregivers can involve patients as they consult other caregivers to share that patient’s health information.

The ability to visualize the caregiver list for every patient and then send messages to the correct covering doctor and nurse can improve hospital workflow. Inclusion of patient cards, notes and tasks during sign-out can reduce errors during temporary transfer of responsibilities among doctors. Similarly, pertinent and timely information sharing among primary doctors and hospitalists can improve care and reduce cost during permanent transfer of responsibilities during admissions and discharges. Timely notification of hospital admission or discharge by integration with the health information exchange can reduce unnecessary admissions and readmissions.

Allowing the doctor and the doctor’s office to receive and prioritize patient alerts, expedite appointments, send appointment and delay notifications and then ensure that the patient follows up for the office visit will improve office workflow and productivity.

The ease of use and the minimalist approach to data entry will allow widespread adoptions to become a universal health care communication platform among doctors limited by their own electronic medical record systems. Any caregiver could see who the other caregivers are for a given patient at a given time and communicate with them to improve coordination of care and thereby reduce cost of care. While improving caregiver communication and efficiency, ListenMD will also improve patient satisfaction by making timely appointments easier.