What is Distraction-Free Messaging?


Distraction-Free creates more time for doctors

Distraction-Free is all about you, the Doctor.

Distraction-Free Messaging comes down to one thing; the most important thing – time. Your time to focus on doing one thing at a time and doing is excellent. That may be patient care, updating records, approving labs or conferring with peers. The bottom line is every interruption sets you back. Every text, call or email is a like a tap on the shoulder taking you away from the essential task in front of you.

Master your time and master your day. Our patented system allows you to control when you receive important communications and do it on your terms. ListenMD opens up new possibilities for communicating with patients and collaborating with other physicians. With ListenMD in the palm of your hand, you can put patient care first.



Save time. reduce stress.experience bliss.

Reduce stress by reducing messages

Can you imagine a world where all your vital communications would be at your fingertips but only when you said you were available to read them? What if the incessant buzzing and beeping from your phone would STOP and only the top priority messages, defined by you, would alert you? What if you could return focus and organization to your day?

Don’t imagine anymore. ListenMD is here to help you manage the endless barrage of communications, tame your inbox and make you master of your day. View messages grouped the way you want. Open up your most important correspondence first and prioritize your work life. Focus on what’s most important and put quality patient care first.



The right message at the right time

Control your time. Be more profitable.

ListenMD puts you in control of your time. Messages are read and responded to when it works best for YOU. Create your own time schedule in the app when it should allow messages to be delivered. Busy in surgery? Flooded with patients? Set custom delays to let others know when you will see their delayed message. Allow your colleagues and nurses to respect your time by holding back on non-urgent messages. If you get free early you can always pull their messages from the future! Today’s modern medical practice is more paperwork and technology dependent than ever. The survival of your practice requires an efficient movement of approvals and paperwork through the billing process. ListenMD puts you in control of your time and usable information at your fingertips.


Distraction-Free Messaging is the prfect solutions for Busy Doctors

ListenMD Features

  • Distraction-free Communication

    Doctors can choose the times they want to get non-urgent messages.They can chose when they are busy. Learn More
  • Fully HIPAA Compliant

    All PHI is kept encrypted in HIPAA and HTECH compliant servers Learn More
  • Simple Universal App

    The basic version of ListenMD is a simple messaging app that allows a doctor Learn More
  • Patient-Centric

    All communication about a patient within and outside the practice is connected to a patient card. Learn More
  • Collaborative With Doctors

    Messages are 1-1 but all physicians in the team can see the message to maintain continuity during handoffs. Learn More
  • Advanced Messaging
    (Video, Photo & Voice)

    Send attachments such as photos, videos, voice memos Learn More
  • Hospital Charge Capture

    Upload and maintain hospital rounding lists Learn More
  • Telemedicine

    Send a text link to start instant video and create billable note Learn More

    Instant video conference with patient and family keeps everyone safe Learn More
Learn More